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P3P is a web-based program to help men prepare for making a decision, with their doctors, about how to manage a diagnosis of early stage prostate cancer. A recent national study* showed that using P3P reduced the amount of conflict experienced by men while making a decision.

This newest version of P3P (2021) has been developed in collaboration between professional stakeholders and the Clinical Informatics Research Group at the University of Washington in Seattle. The content of P3P was last updated in September, 2021 with the input of clinical professionals at:

  • Emory University
  • University of Kansas
  • University of Michigan
  • University of Southern California
  • University of Washington

University of Washington
Donna Berry, Justin McReynolds, Ivan Cvitkovic, William Lober

To use P3P in your clinic, or if you have questions about P3P, contact p3phelp@uw.edu

Berry DL, Hong F, Blonquist TM, Halpenny B, Filson CP, Master VA, Sanda MG, Chang P, Chien GW, Jones RA, Krupski TL, Wolpin S, Wilson L, Hayes JH, Trinh QD, Sokoloff M, Somayaji P: Decision Support with the Personal Patient Profile-Prostate: A Multi-Center Randomized Trial. Journal of Urology, 2017; PMID: 28754540

National Institutes of Health Funding: R21 CA100025; 2003-2005; R01NR009692; 2006-2009; 2012-2017